paulI completed my bachelor in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology after which I switched to Delft University of Technology to specialize myself in Design for Interaction. During my studies I gained the knowledge and skills to analyze and design products. With this I can assess products regarding their interaction qualities, or design products from scratch in lines with the desired interaction qualities. The pleasure in design for me comes from the interplay between the client, buyer and end-user, and from the tinkering, building and experiencing of concepts.

My ideal design process relies on an iterative approach that is based on creation and experiencing and uses the “doing first” decision-making approach. This approach is perfect for designing for experiences as I create outcomes that can be evaluated in the real world. The rapid prototyping technologies of today allow me to accelerate the process of building and testing concepts. Instead of assessing the design based on mental models the design comes to life and can be experienced by people other than the design team.

As might show from my portfolio I enjoy designing interactive installations, preferably including lighting. In these installations I focus on the subtle details of the product that make the quality of the interaction with as goal to create positive experiences. Typically these are one-off installations and tailor-made for a specific context, but sometimes it results in products that can be sold to a larger public (designs such as Yi). With my installations I always intend to entertain and/or inform people.