Yi – Interactive yoga

Yi is an interactive yoga mat that provides the user with a new yoga experience. With Yi, every place can be transformed into the perfect yoga environment. The lighting in the mat enriches the yoga experience; it creates a relaxing atmosphere and it supports you with feedback throughout the exercises. Yi shows how to get in position, how you are balanced and how to breathe.

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Redesign of an eReader

The starting point of this project was an existing eReader that could be improved in terms of usability. The first user test with the original device showed that the target group, people who read for work, encounters problems with even the basic features of an eReader. The software architecture and layout have been redesigned and the results from a second user test show that this increased efficiency with 38%! Moreover, all participants were able to find the main features of the device without any issues.

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Light through culture Ankara

A two week Erasmus Intensive project in which we designed and built an interactive lighting installation expressing cultural differences. The project is a collaboration between METU Ankara, Sint Lukas Brussels and TU/e Eindhoven.

The installation expresses how individuals influence group dynamics. Each visitor is represented by a drop that falls upon their entrance. At first this drop floats freely and individually, but in the end the drop always fuses with the larger group. The color of the drop influences the color pattern of the group and creates beautiful figures.

The installation has been exhibited at METU Ankara, Dutch Technology Week ’12 and the Dutch Design Week ’12.